Young Roddy – I Really… Lyrics

Young Roddy I Really… Lyrics

Uh, from a city, if you want ’em, guns’ll hit yo’ off switch (Hit yo’ off switch)
Plotted out then hit the backdoor and let yo’ dog sin
Real n***** live forever, racks get yo’ throat split (Uh)
Them hoes gon’ be hoes, shit, they’ll fuck yo’ close kin
Might put a couple holes in ’em with this four-nick (Baow, baow, baow, baow)
Fuck beefing over hoes, n****, that’s some ho shit (That’s some ho shit)
I used to wrap up bricks, tell the vix’ I’m Saint Nick (Uh)
This time is for the gusto, n****, I’m all in (I’m all in)
My n**** been online, what I’ve been logged in
This a marathon and you got show in (Word?)
To get the bag right, I take a loss risk
Bet I check my stash, my shit flawless
I really live that life, I ain’t just talkin’
I really got brothers who in a coffin
I really play the rearview when I’m parkin’
I really got a cougar like Ms. Parker
My youngin’ really kill like, “What’s my target?”
Learned from my losses, cold world got me heartless
From the dirty but I’m flossin’
Humble but still a monster
Never trust a soul, them n***** talkin’ through the wire
The streets say they need that real shit, I’m they supplier
I ain’t into reading comments ’cause I’m from the bottom where most n***** might get shot up
The neighbors want us locked up
The judge want us boxed up
Child of the ghetto like G-Dep but I’m God’s son
Can’t take none of my n***** to the Grammys, they might rob some’
I really ben through shit I could’ve died from
I really sold that shit the fiends get high from
I really been that n****, n****’s actin’ like I’m lyin’ or somethin’
Lately I been feelin’ like point ’em out, line ’em up
I really got the game from my mama, I’m her only son
Been through the struggle, you ain’t the only one
Shot up the projects, what the homie done (Baow, baow)
I raped the game like it owe me some’
I air it out, shit, you don’t know me, son (You don’t know me, son)

Trial and error, my n****
Good sense forever, my n****