Ukweli & Xenia Manasseh – Waiting Lyrics

Ukweli and Xenia Manasseh Waiting Lyrics

Know you want me
Ain’t no secret
Words unspoken
But just for a moment
Hand in my hand
Stay a while
You can show me you mean it
You know that

I’ve been on you
So don’t you take your time hesitating
Please don’t keep me waiting
Any longer
No debating

You can be sure
You’re not the only one in this
I know how it feels
Heart on the line
I try to hide
But I can’t escape what is real

Curious to see how far we’ll go beyond the lines we’ve drawn
To me you’ve got it all don’t ever have to ask for more
But whose to say it isn’t real
Gimme a better deal then
Cause if there’s one thing that you know for sure

I’ve been on you