Tory Lanez – London (Freestyle) Lyrics

Tory Lanez London Freestyle Lyrics


The Yeezy are color your days, the number the J’s, the number the Nike are rare
They play in the summer, they lay in the summer, the head trauma on ’em might be severe (Aziz, Aziz, Aziz)
The tool bustin’ through a nigga medulla, it look like somethin’ slicin’ right through the air
When I see my enemy fail, they couldn’t prevail, I get all my brightest ideas
The gallery sweats are cuttin’ it light to what tears, the king, sit right in my chair
The wolf can howl at the moon but if I’m the moon then tell me though, why would I care?
All of you niggas are pussy, I’m makin’ it clear if I wasn’t clear
No point in beefin’ with local niggas, I drive the same car as Oprah, nigga
Niggas want beef, drop cheese, lettuce in the streets then I loaf a nigga
That’s a whole beef sandwich, yeah, I told him Sloppy Joe the nigga
762, sittin’ backseat like it came with a chauffeur in it
Yeah, fresh out the court, the Lamborghini was my whippin’ wheels
Did a different deal, then I fucked a different bitch in Hidden Hills
In my blue Lamb’, need a different teal, and a different seal
I was in the kitchen and the legend has it that my wrist is still up in that whippin’ still
Niggas ridiculed, they got rid of kill
When I’m out in Jamaica to spliff a bill
Pussy fire, come give me your liquor still
Fuck a gyal, yell at your friends say, “Nigga, chill”
Want the cocky, she know I’m the nigga still
Bottega vanilla slippers, niggas must hate us Umbrella niggas
But the money got some other feelings ’cause they ain’t fuckin’ with them other niggas
Tried me for the hundred time and niggas came with like a hunnid plots
I was feelin’ like Young Dolph, these niggas missed a hunnid shots
Bling shining, big diamonds, ring diamond, hunnid watch
I ran through like, every bitch on my list feel like the juggernaut
Visas, all of my foreign bitches and they features need ’em
I’m sellin’ out cold hits while I lay in Ibiza
I’m hopin’ for better but hidden message to my shooter like, “Eggs, I’m layin’ for Easter”
My lil’ one kill you for a Franklin, like he related to Aretha
Nigga, I be really goin’ off, y’all niggas never ever goin’ off
Y’all the Covid protocol, some things go without sayin’ like a bitch know she gotta stroke it off
She gotta blow it off and shit goin’ soft
In her mouth, dental roller floss
If I’m in her back then she know the arch and if I’m in her throat then she know the cough
I’m a young nigga, baby, I’m bubbling, money is doubling, jeans are ruffling
Pockets are deeper, they stuck in the sunken, the money keep comin’, the seams are bustin’
And all of them women inside of your dreams, I fucked, I wiped, I cleaned, I swept
I bald-headed, Mr. Clean, them bitches then tennis, Venus and Serena them bitches
I smooth killer, thriller, Michael Jackson, Billie Jean them bitches
I’m super cold, I can sit up in the winter, fuck around and I can ski with penguins
Then end up trendin’ topic laid up in the tropic while I’m chillin’ with a sea of fishes
And they ain’t even wanna swim by me, I’m a shark in water, they can see I’m vicious
I’m not a lover boy but I ain’t ’bout a lot of y’all dawg, man, I need my bitches, I need my bitches
My Switzerland and bitches, the nasty, filthy and the sleazy bitches
My ghetto trap bitches better bring their bitches out and listen to this Jeezy with me, I’m hot
And bitches wanna suck on me like it’s the summer and I got the freezie with me, Lil’ Tory

Y’all bum ass niggas mad, I mean like
Y’all niggas is cool
Know what I’m sayin’? But I’m cold like, like
Like eskimo, need extra clothes when I come around, I’m cold like
Like, like Teddy Pendergrass sippin’ a milkshake the snowstorm with his throat warm
At the doorm room at the AU, I’m cold like for real, yeah, haha
I’m talkin’ like thirty-nine below the windshield, I’m cold, baby, for real
I’m talkin’, I’m talkin’ red slushie with the muhfuckin’ white dog on a cup, baby, I’m fuckin’ cold, for real
Umbrella shit