Tanna Leone – February Lyrics

Tanna Leone February Lyrics

Had a hell of night and it was legendary
I swear that my life changing like February
Love in my eyes
Like it was February
Love in disguise
It fell from the skies

Don’t be afraid to Call me crazy
It’s okay to call me crazy
Just aslong as you call me daily

Please excuse me if I’m young and lackin manners
The life I’m
Living make it hard to understand us
She the prototype
I know she ms. Santana
When she alone at night I know she missin Tanna

You got a life
And you not a wife
But You got a lot to give
And We got a lot to learn
But we gotta take the risk
You know time is relative
Everything is momentary maybe we should relish it

She got the cheat codes
And some neat toes
She get her way when she want it
Like Carlito
And when it’s Friday
she hit the highway
On the way to my body
She tryna parlay
We at the top floor
She say the views amazing
Like what’s ya life like
What you been doin lately
It’s funny that you asked
Well i jus caught a bag
She told me take her to the room
I told her roger that

Roger that!

Written by: Avante Santana, Craig Balmoris, Daniel Krieger, Daniel Tannenbaum, Sergiu Gherman, Teo Halm, Tyler Mehlenbacher