Szpaku – Mateusz Lyrics English Translation

Szpaku Mateusz Lyrics English Translation

Matthew? Matthew?
I have to prove all the time that I am worth something
This sad business where I feel nothing but venom
It’s time to change the game again

Last year I have been sitting at home playing games
And I feel like Cho’Gall and not me, but us
It wasn’t Covid who called me off the game (no)
What was I supposed to write? I’m lying at home, looking at the wall
And the girl who won with me the day (day)
I showed you how to get fucked up (health)
I spent my first cash when I got six zeros
Because I was afraid to be poor and that I would return to the estate
My friend took a drug, you know what that means?
And we were supposed to win here and share the hay from the route
All the plans I had – I crashed
I cut myself off from the homies, just me and four walls
They want to be my back, if it doesn’t come out they will talk to them
And these girls gossip like that because we don’t want to talk to them
I used to be very concerned with what people would think
A city full of pelicans, cover your mouth when you pass us
(Fuck, it’s Szpaku, I’m fucking) Exactly
Nothing has fallen from the sky, why am I standing with Frank?
My Donnie Darko, Zozo talks with money in her head
Like Momo, your rumors only create me here, honey
I’m going without a license, they’ve already caught me twice
I know it’s stupid but the stress is failing my exam (exam) again
It’s silly like that bag in the trowel
I made up my mind that I would be safe with her
Neurotic tics, panic attacks, files
Everything too big for her in my sweatshirt
With Białas, I make the same tattoo for the clip
And I remember when I was ashamed to talk, no shit
The word “Vulture” crossed out, the tint has long worn off
But hyenas and vultures still scoff around the swamp
These girls didn’t want me, I was fat, frustrated
Filled up, drunk, plans kept falling on me
I was a poser, I wanted someone to like me
Eventually I made up myself and went out to people with it

(Young Simba!) I will apologize to God for all the wrongs
For betrayal, for lies, for cases, for goods
For broken hearts and exposed people
For corruption and broken walls
We made a GUGU throw in my city
Some rat in the middle of the night said he was fucking me
That I am a rag, but he was very wrong
They call me Mateusz, always above everyone else

Here, the fight for ours is all we have
Even if the world collapses, young, don’t get any drugs
Bezczel, thank you for my first beef
The son will surely be proud to listen to your records
Fuck the executioners, what other people hurt them
Let the pedophiles die, eat your fill (ej)
Fuck in my dick, how many rhymes there are in this issue
It’s enough for me that I gave it all (I gave it all)