Slægt – Fealty, Thunder Whip Lyrics

Slægt Fealty Thunder Whip Lyrics

Heads made of bone and iron
Goats hiding under arches
We will end their night

Old paths made in silence
Being lost in dead marshes
They shall lose this fight

We take them on
As they appear
Send them away
Far from here
On and on we go

We will never fall
Pray to the lost cause
Of your worship
They won’t make a sound
In silent defeat

Fealty, thunder whip
Steering our ship
To the silence of their crypt
In the dark we make them rip

Fealty, thunder whip
Guiding our trip
With every move they slip
A total loss of grip

As we open the sky
Giant bolts fly
You cease to make a sound
Falling to the ground
Backwards and downwards

We take a different road
Storm clouds start to gather
Forming in our in hearts

Patternsnow erode
Charging empty matter
Tearing myths apart

Locust made of tension
Spreading fear
Hammers in the sky
Will deafen ears
Pounding blow by blow

They will always fall
Cursing the won goals
Of our worship
We will bear the crown
In loud success

When the night thrives
And the spirit comes alive
Then you will see

We will come for you
In your nightmares
There we will stay

This is an epitaph
This is dedicated to the ones
That stood in our way.