Shaun Sloan & G Herbo – In the Sun Lyrics

Shaun Sloan In the Sun Lyrics

I thought I lost it
I thought I lost it
Lost it
Remember them days
We would play at mommy house
Gave me them chills
I could cry right now
No feeling inside
It’s like they took my soul out
Hospital bed tears droppin’ on your hands now
All we got is memories
They can’t replace that
Call your phone
Praise the lord
When you answer that
Take me to Long Beach
I know that’s where you probably at
Thrift store got everything you need
That’s why you shop there
As I look at my aunties
It still feel like you right here
Know my mama hurt
I need to see my mama more
What is life without the ones that you love
Her son died
It’s like he told you to come
We got two angels in one
Sometimes I … in the sun
Can you see where I am
The family need comfort
Seem like you don’t understand
Shit ain’t right
They only show love when you die
We share the same love
We just …
I staring in the sun
I’m trying to see you
I staring in the sun

(G Herbo)
All my life I felt pain
I’ve dealt with death
I’ve lost my mind
I feel sane
Like the weather for a change
I seen sun
I felt rain
I gained fame
I locked in
Then wealth came
Now I’m on my twelfth chain
I left the hood
I’m all good
But my mental health ain’t
I keep my family safe
I can’t keep myself safe
I can’t grieve I need a lesson
I got cheese but need a blessin’
No more squeezing Smith & Wesson’s
I can’t breath cause I been stressin’
I’m not leavin’ I got hope
Need a drink cause …
Caused my granny first stroke
… reason bro got smoked
Really had to ask myself
I be wanting to blast myself
I be bout to last myself
I’m just tryna grasp myself
For real reason I be off pills
I lost Cap I caught chills
I lost Max I couldn’t kill
Give a fuck about them bills
… I bought wheels
Couldn’t tell em how I feel
Couldn’t tell em how I felt
Took that pain by myself
Got that flame by myself
Made my name by myself
Now I hang by myself
Can’t complain but I’m really hurting
On my grind
I’m still working
It’s my time I know my purpose
So this shit was all worth it