ScHoolboy Q – Soccer Dad Lyrics

ScHoolboy Q Soccer Dad Lyrics

Now here we go again
Before I had a fam, was mappin’ out
Everything I wanted, earned what I planned
You **** know about my body
Caught my second wind, quit actin’ like
Me and my crew of **** ain’t bring the rappers in
Quit actin’ like the **** you said wouldn’t work, like we ain’t make it win
Quit actin’ like you know me little ****
We was never friends, my knuckle game
My flip-flop too crazy, I am really him
The soccer dad, my real life too wavy
While I cheer the stands
You little rappers go and wipe your mouth
And go pull up your pants (Hmm)

Get up off my ****
Get up off my ****
Get up off my ****
Get up off my ****
Get up off my ****

Groovy ****, no face killa that love to smile
They wonder how I mind my business and still around
I got a half a ticket, parked out crooked, they wonder how
‘Cause the M’s on me match my age, my ****, wow
I am he, no face killa, and you’s a clown
You can paint it good, but truth be told, it’s watered down
Had a microphone styles I flavored, and just a couch
Took it platinum twenty plus times, ****, I’m not a slouch
Never had a problem with **** I couldn’t twist up
The big homie, no big homies to politic from
The blueprint of keepin’ it low and stackin’ ya chips up
We buckled down, made **** happen, they didn’t pick us
Death, disappointment, and struggles ain’t make my back ache
Pops never showed up, I thank him, it made my life great
The only child raised by women, I had to turn ape
The mental of a black man hustle, I move at God’s pace
Real life pain what I’m talking, so I don’t play rap
The **** you enjoy what I’m kicking, I’m going through that
The lame **** tell us who cool now, why they do that?
Tears on my collar, I’m perfect, it turned a new leaf
Black ****, bomb **** babies, I took a new leap
Slaughtered every goal that I put out and got a new reach
Deuce rap, G-Scrap, tootle-tootle they do it through me

Get up off my ****