Ronehi & AYLØ – Saudade Lyrics

Ronehi Saudade Lyrics

Don’t think i could forget this here

No matter how many come after you

Something as good as this

Or find me some other bitch


Don’t think i could forget this here

Though we been apart for moons

I Find myself still in sync

With all of the things you did


I need to clear my…



too much left for me guess

Caught by the sunrise in between your legs

I Told you more time baby you’re the best

But too much of this could kill they said


Well who said?

Need a name with a number and address

Cuz i dont accept


Save your breath

Just Keep it all for that nigguh coming next


I got big plans for you

Get to work and charge double then send the bands to you baby on my mind never subtle it’s big bang for you


Did i stutter or something

I know they thought i was bluffing

I Got you covered like water

You let me bath me in

That’s kinda deep


So when you talk I lend my ear to hear you speak

Sexiest woman I’ve ever seen

I’m on my knees so baby preach