Reasons why Lexi from Netflix Cheer left Navarro

Fans of the documentary-style show have been wondering what happened to Lexi Brumback after she left Navarro. Here’s what we know.

The talented 22-year-old was one of Navarro’s best tumblers.

During the first season’s finale, Lexi and a group of friends were stopped by police while driving.

After drugs were found in the vehicle, Lexi took the blame and was immediately cut from the Navarro College cheerleading squad.

Coach Monica Aldama eventually allowed her back to the team but then the start of the pandemic put everything on hold.

How many times has Lexi Brumback been arrested?
Lexi has previously shared how cheerleading saved her life and helped her avoid a long stint in jail.

The 22-year-old star explained that if it wasn’t for the team she’d be “sitting in a jail cell right now”.

She also opened up about her troubled past and said her violent behavior led her to serve some time in juvenile detention.

But thanks to coach Monica, she was able to learn how to use her skills and transform her life.

The coach is known for reaching out to troubled young people and giving them the chance to improve their lives through the cheer programme.

Will Lexi return to the Navarro cheerleading squad?
Lexi is featured in the second season of Cheer but she will not return to the Navarro cheerleading team.

The social media star has over 736,000 Instagram followers, brand deals with names such as Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty and Kat Von D Beauty as well as her own merchandise line, HexxByLexx.

Coach Monica told US Weekly: “Her coach reached out to me and her mom and her grandmother, everyone wanted her back at Navarro, of course.

“I even said at the end of the series that I felt like I still needed some time with her because she was doing so well.

“She did get into a bit of trouble and that was all dropped.

“She did have to sit out in the fall semester and I felt like she had enough time to reflect on it and learn from it.

“She’s doing great and she’s really happy to be back here, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.”