Poptropicaslutz! – The Last Time Lyrics

Poptropicaslutz The Last Time Lyrics, Poptropicaslutz The Last Time I Was Scared Was When You Caught Me Trying To Kill You Lyrics

Somewhere in my heart of hearts
Lives a morsel of pure certainty
That we’re two halves of the same whole
I want to be your evermore
Baby I don’t care how long forever’s for

I stepped out in a suit and tie
I hope that you admire my
Persistence at showing you my consistent affection
Because it’s a cover up for a lack thereof
And I know it’s such an obvious ploy
But could I still be your boy
I’m sinking faster into the soil
Pull me out pull me out
Or water me ‘til I drown

I would trade my first born just to have first dibs on you
That’s a creative way for me to say I want you
I’ve been trying to express myself
In the most poetic of ways
But sometimes I do it in poor taste
Words aren’t my forte
But I’m sure they
Leave little to your imagination
Hurry up we have lots to discuss
I’m two stanza’s in
With no ink in my pen

Hurry up we have lots to discuss
I’m two stanza’s in with no ink in my pen