Nekede poly furious with student claiming she graduated using God’s help, private parts


Federal Polytechnic, Nekede
The management of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Imo, says it has begun investigations into the identity of a female student, who gloated about her graduation on TikTok.

The yet-to-be-identified female student had gloated on TikTok that she graduated with the help of God and her private parts.

In a statement issued by the polytechnic’s registrar, Eucharia Anuna on Monday, the institution condemned the video, saying it was blasphemous and antithetical that the student peddled the name of God in her “deleterious act.”

“Management considers the action of the student as most unacceptable and preposterous. The Federal Polytechnic Nekede prides itself as an institution with high academic and moral standards. Both staff and students are quite aware of the consequences of any misconduct,” the polytechnic’s statement said.

It added, “In an unprecedented move, management through the various disciplinary committees, had released hot lines through which students can report any act of exploitation or corruption.

According to the statement, the rector of the institution is a clergyman and has been “committed and consistent in instilling discipline in our students through seminars, solemn assemblies,” sensitisation outreaches and publications.

“When our investigations are over, we shall make our findings and pronouncements public. It is in our purview to ensure that only students found worthy in learning and character are certified,” said the school. “This is a commitment to which we shall remain consistently resolute.”