NASFAT harps on good parenting

NASFAT harps on good parenting

The Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society Nigeria (NASFAT) has advised parents on the need for good parenting to curb crime in society.

The Muslim group, during a prayer to mark Eid-el-Fitri, bemoaned youths’ involvement in unwholesome conduct, including kidnapping and drug abuse.

According to NASFAT’s chief missioner, Abdul Azeez-Onike parents need to be alive to their responsibilities.

Society’s future would be bleak if parents and the authorities could not make concerted efforts to re-orient youths to acceptable societal values, he stressed.

“This is the time for everyone to preach social redeeming value to the younger ones to redirect their perspective toward national value orientation,’’ he said.

He encouraged the Muslim faithful to remain resolute in their faith to claim the good rewards in eternity.

Mr Azeez-Onike asked worshippers to always pray for peace in the country.

He also urged the federal government to adequately fund the nation’s security operatives to protect Nigerians against bandits and other criminals.