LD (67) – Daily Duppy 2 Lyrics

LD Daily Duppy 2 Lyrics (feat. GRM Daily)

Let’s get one thing straight
Man can’t talk on man’s ting like man ain’t been out here for years
Mashing the most, you know
Some live wires in the building right now
You know (The amount of money I’m gonna be making would hurt your parents feelings)
That way (Remember the class where I taught you all how to make it rain?)
(That’s what I’m gonna be doing every single night)
O.S, O.S, free the team
The godfather
Big bag, 25 shots

When you see me move like a bounty
They say I’m trying to f**k a black county
4 O’s in the front, 4 O’s in the back
A man just did it like Audi
Waps out when I cut through the 6
But the gangdem got the block hot like Saudi
Been doing up Sons of Anarchy
LD really in the fields like Cowley
I still come around and show man proudly
I had serious waps
Turn a man into a serious wap
Before he got hit with 14 long
He was giving man serious jacks (Alla dat, alla dat)
He got a few unknown names, but cool
We got a few serious packs
Bro said I gotta calm it down when I rap ’cause I’m
Giving them serious facts
Before Snoochie I was letting them know
I really did let that glee and fly OT then shell down a show
You can ask lil bro
Back then I did real life tetris dem days there I was chilling with Slowz

I’m from a block where you stay with the heat
Because even the summer is cold
Even the winter gets hot, it’s either you with us or not
And if it weren’t OSG, then it was SAD that slid on your block
Turn your block into a lido tape man swim in them a lot
Free M, ST, GI & Benny
You know that I miss them a lot
You already know what my friend’s on
If I buy that wap and send that man then it’s me that the corn got sent from
Retail 24 hours, we setting up shop, we getting these Zs gone
No sleep in the streets, no back and forth, we don’t play no ping pong
We don’t play no games at all, them man
Doing up free for all
Mum knew that I was gonna go jail, from the day that I beat that wap in school
We just need 1 more point, them man can’t set no score
GLE and 7.62s, we’re ready for war

That way
Aww man

Alla dat, alla dat, alla dat, alla dat
They know how we’re coming