Lawyers condemn universities of technology offering law programme


Nigerian Law School Bwari Abuja
Two experienced legal practitioners in Abuja have condemned some tertiary institutions with law faculty and unethical practices exhibited by lawyers.

Adamson Adeboro and Solo Akuma (SAN) condemned such practices.

Mr Adeboro said any lawyer who failed to abide by the age-long tenets and professional ethics of the profession could never make a good lawyer.

“My take is that the lawyers are not enough, but we have to look at the quality of lawyers being presented to society. Nigeria is under-served in terms of legal representation,” he said.

Mr Adeboro frowned upon universities offering law programmes. He alleged that it was an aberration “when one looked at the nature of such tertiary institutions.”

He explained that universities like the universities of technology and similar institutions should not offer law programmes.

Mr Adeboro added that instructors in such institutions could provide thorough legal training, which would affect the type of lawyers produced.

Mr Akuma urged young lawyers to establish themselves properly in the profession to ensure effective practice. He explained that a stake had been taken by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) through the stamp and seal to detect fake lawyers.

He further stated that the NBA would only give the stamp and seal to verified and qualified lawyers in society who had been called to the bar.

Mr Akuma also mentioned that it appeared that every university had a law faculty and what it meant was that the lawyers produced every year were on the increase.

“You are not constrained to practise law after graduation if you don’t have passion for law,” he stated.

He urged educational institutions to ensure high standards in the quality of lawyers they brought into society.