Kur – Road To Riches Lyrics

Kur Road To Riches Lyrics

I’m on the road to riches
Got granted my wishes
But shit still came wit a ton
felt at a time I was trippin,
Burnt bridge after bridge
Cuz I felt it was more than one

gained a load of wisdom
Made bold decisions
I don’t regret shit that I done

I’m n the mode to get it,
u wanna chase wit me,
Then n**** u welcome to come,

Free lil nuni
I jus gave a check to ya mom,
Told her don’t stress,
U b fine,
We had that Uzi,
Was tryna get it when reemo died,

I still wish he was live,

Everybody talk about
What they gon do til it’s time,
I’m thinkin bout if I should signed?

I textMy grannie I love you,
And she ain’t respond

Ain’t process she really died,
I’m off the brandy
I’m floating
That’s me on the drive,
I lost key To the ride,

Jeans was 7
But these shadows cost about 5
Jus got my goose out the dryers,

Bitches they in my dm
And saying go live 79
We love ya vibe,
How many bitches I fucked
That was dimes?
Ain’t too many bitches
I cuffed That was mine,

N***** keep trusting these bitches
get lined,
Chrome heart Hoodie
Pull overI’m calm,

On my bully
I came from the 9
on my bully
I told everybody
It’s time,

I just be going and going and going and going and going til I can’t go,
I just be flowing flowing flowing flowing flowing,
Til I can’t flow,
Dog I was blowing it blowing it blowing it blowing it,
Case you ain’t know,
Dog I was on it , on it on it, on it
When n***** thought that I ain’t kno,
dog I b doing it doing it doing it,
Straight in the row,
Dog I was on it on it on it on it,
when my n***** thought that I ain’t know..
Dog I b on it On it
Dog I b on it on it!!

Kur back at it
They gon say he wilding,
Got a c in mathematics
Now he got it,
man these hoes know my status
I keep bodies
I got look after look
U can read bout it

Trying pills I got hooked,
I jus keep buying
n***** heads ain’t in books
They jus keep dying,

I just needed a push,
Had to keep grinding,

Mom hurting but she ain’t gon keep crying,
I was hurting
I’m like damn quise lying,
It was curtains I fucked her,
And peace signed it,

I was working
Like wait til the streets find me,
It was working,I’m working
Let’s keep grinding,
She like u cute in person,
Let’s b honest,
I fuck bitches wit bodiesLike Teyana,
Talking Taylor If u want me be honest,
Said she don’t do no percs
She gon e-bomb it
Man I gave her the work,
She said rewind it,

Dog I swag n I surf
In my designer
Think I’m blessed and cursed,
If we being honest,
In my saint laurent shirt,
I jus keep styling,
bills they gon keep pilin,
We all kno He hotter,
Came a long way I started wit 3 dollars,
This a classic,
But I ain’t gon rebook it