Kingsmart – Standard Lyrics

Kingsmart Standard Lyrics

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Yar gata tazo Dan Na bata, yar gata kizo ki ja data
Yar gata tazo Dan Na bata, yar gata kizo nasa data

Baby one to three make you go down low
Shake your body and roll it on floor “ayyya”
This your big waist make my head nono ooh Can’t lie
This kind thing de make my thing stand oo tonight
Baby wanna chop you like a palettive
Wanna take you round the world in my pirate ship oo tonight
Baby gal I want you come to my side gal I want to do
This whether is sweet for two
Oya come for me gal I come for you too
Baby gal you badoo
Give me one chance make I feel you body
Till the day I die baby your my cardi
You the kind of girl I will take to party
Tazo da sabon dabara ”Ah”
Tazo da fatan na Kara. ”Ah”
Tazo ta bani a gabana ”Ah”
Tazo da Sabon dabara ”Ah”
Tazo da sabon dabara “Ahhh”

Standard and we shut down the place shut down the grace oooh
Standard when we steeping the place make the balling go
Standard everything we do is standard fine girls them standard

Who them be who them de what them get ohh who them see
Na me them see ooh haahaha