Kendrick Lamar – Rich (Interlude) Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar Rich Interlude Lyrics

I learned in trappin’ in the business
Smart people makin’ horrible decisions, you know?
Rich nigga, get my dick sucked after the show
I ain’t gonna lie, we were poor
A bunch of lost souls in survival mode
There wasn’t no way for us unless we find our own
Running the stores, kicking the doors
Nigga give me my glory
Nigga play with me, he ain’t gonna even gonna need to tell the story
This the type shit we grew up out of
Everybody “gang, gang”
Those are people that you grew up with man
The chain gang
And the bots getting pink
Niggas shit where you sleep
Niggas shit where you eat
Who would ever knew that I would become a fucking Kodak? Huh
Rap might be good but I’m still pumping gas in the hood
Chopping up the place so they feel like Thanksgiving
Got the biggest snipers standing on that Merc business gas, sliding through that