JPEGMAFIA – Untitled Lyrics

JPEGMAFIA Untitled Lyrics

Because I like JPEGs
Eh, yeah

Damn, how ya want it then?
In the street, a little wolf in a pig pen
Big mouth, back it up while you faking then
And you n***** sneak diss and I’m starting to feel like it’s serious
Not fly, trap the stars and took a wing from ’em
Back in the city you a pot that I’m pissing in
Ooh, somebody pray for these threes
Some n***** die tryna make a man
They gon’ find your bitchass face down
You want this n****? I’ll be that
In the grave I’mma be will you see that
You still ain’t ran this fade
And you know that I’m still with that nonsense
Leave lil bitch in that field with no options
But you stay on my mind everyday, huh
Yeah, it’s no secret
Crown heavy on my head but I keep it
In the grave like Pa, I’m heated
Amazon flame, shoot your door when the beef hit
You still ain’t ran no fade
How the fuck am I still on your conscious
Know my enemies sick of this taunting
But you stay on my mind every day, yeah, for real

Uh, when it’s cold outside, get up in the office
Dead n***** stream better, lemme pick a coffin
My main bitch wanna get hit but I ain’t Steve Austin
When I die, bury me next to Scott Harley
Bottle shopping in my edges, I’m an alcoholic
Gotta keep my hairline on Candace Owens, Kevin Owens
Real n****, fuck a token melatonin
N***** sleepin’ on the moment
At me at late night with the Glock loaded
Joe Budden with the pump when I aim focused
N****, how ya never miss when the whole world is hopeless
Joe Biden, can’t remember, think I gotta focus
I be going
Speed ’til I’m towed, rob his console and
All these writers getting robbed feel like James Comey
N****, fuck a interview, you better know what’s on me
And I don’t trust you n***** bitch I gotta kill ’em calmly
Catch a n**** in the lobby, hit ’em with the ollie
And I’m fucking at your partners ’cause you know I’m poly
I’mma be swinging on these crackers like I’m playing hockey
Young P. K. Subban with the stick on me
These n***** grey worms, straight Unsullied
Boy, you scared and you weak, pussy, dress bummy
I be twerkin’ on stage like I’m Bad Bunny
These n***** going through a phase
I’m going out the country, why
‘Cause I get more money
Young Thor with the hammer
you can’t touch me
What your life like
While you set up for this job, get your mic right
These off-field n***** spreading highlights
Acting like we can’t read a fucking b***, man
And you not weirdos
And you not with the shits
And you never on go
Yeah, what the fuck
Begging for a donation, n**** shout out to my Haitians, uh
Get money, n**** stay patient
When you doin shit right, lames stay hating, yeah
Pull that blicky out, they singing like Clay Aiken
I circle jerk-cle with no bitches and no bacon
Out west with the Smith like I’m Jaden
Literate from either hand like Nick Saban
More money, more guns, less vacations, n****
We deserve them donations
Don’t play with me, bitch, play PlayStation, it’s safer