Icewear Vezzo – First 48 Lyrics

Icewear Vezzo First 48 Lyrics

(Rell On The Track)
We gon’ turn up on that bitch like
Right here, gang
It’s on the floor, n****
Ayy, ayy

Yeah, I want all the cheese, n**** (Yeah)
Treat him like a baby and rock dog asleep (Bitch)
These two Cubans ’round my neck cost a car a piece (Hundreds)
N***** really want no smoke, they be callin’ peace
Yeah, we’ll catch him at the light and put some shit in him
AP, Philippe, got some shit in it
Yeah, bitch, I need a trophy, ho, I been winnin’ (Drank God)
Went to Ace of Spade off a bar, threw a BIN in it (What?)
N**** better not cross that line, we gon’ finish him (Yeah)
You like a n**** crossed that line, oh, you finished, huh? (Oh, you finished, huh?)
N***** really never ball, you just scrimmage, huh? (You scrimmage, huh?)
Knock your shit across the rope, I play tennis now
Bitch, shot that chop when I turned ten (Shot that chop, bitch)
N****, I just popped me two Perc-10s (Perky)
Ayy, a dope spot was my first crib, n**** (Yeah?)
Shoot that chop if we bump heads, n**** (If we bump heads)
Yeah, that’s First 48, n**** (Shh)
I’ll run that bag, First 48 (Run it)
I just did another show and bought forty Dracs (Yeah)
Your bitch thinkin’ she a n****, I get shawty scraped, pussy (Iced Up Records)
Bought another chicken
Every time I up that wood, I get another splinter
A quarter mil’ the long way, that’s a hundred inches (Hundred thousand)
Want that money to myself, I’m a selfish n**** (Let’s go, ayy)

You be runnin’ from that pape’, boy, you don’t never get it (Never get it)
I be runnin’ from the jakes, thumbin’ through that chicken (C’mon)
If you see me in the sticks, n****, mind your business (Mind your business)
If we catch an opp lackin’, we put twenty in him
Boy, you know we better have your tool when we get to you (On God)
Free my n**** Slick, he made the news, I’ll do the same to you (Slick)
If I put Gooch on your ass, boy, what you gon’ do? (Huh?)
I ain’t no Crip, but I got blues, I hit the sticks and make it move (Shh)
You think it’s super drop, but we hit the juice (Ah)
When we get the drop, we gon’ send the troops (Get his ass)
N***** really opps, boy, we know the truth (We know the truth)
A hundred fifty shots when we step in Truth (Grrt, bah)