GRIP – Dirty Work Lyrics

GRIP Dirty Work Lyrics

Guess I gotta do the dirty work until I’m filthy rich
I repent for the sins that I will commit
Got a stick it tend to stammer n da clip is a banana man a n**** been done fukd around n Peeled ya shit
Almost spilled the liq I’m finna tilt I’m lit
You n***** better Brush up on yo skills a bit
She a uh you look better wit da filter bitch
All she get is good dick and a bill to split
2 Teks to do a duet I’ll let ‘em hum a melody
Dis ring a misdemeanor but da other one a felony
Won’t say the shit to me but I can sense a ton of jealousy
Cuz I blew cheese like somebody brung the celery
Was underselling me but now da price is up
Same n***** like damn Grip nice as fuk
If it’s Eva any pressure den da pipes will bust
Life a gamble N**** u gon roll da dice or wat

I got dirty money need it clean
Down to murder sumn for da team
N I heard he Runnin wit da thing
Wit like 30 sumn n a beam
Plotn licks n million dollar schemes
If u gon hit u gotta swing
Kno what I mean
I just kept the shit a bean
Big stepper on the scene

Fuk is up I knuckle up n give da beat a couple uppercuts at deadly rates u n***** is featherweights u couldn’t ruffle us
I’m levitating grip on da up &up who think they tough enough
I’m detonating blowin up such n such hope he ain’t suffer much
Enough debatin want me on a track to me dats just supper waitin
Da flow is suffocating somebody resuscitate em
Way I cook on da hook n da verse I need a fukn apron
All of dese boys get put in a hearse I’m sendin em up to Satan oops

I mean, sendin em up to Jesus
Leavin em cut n pieces
Here to disrupt ya thesis
Thinkin grip not a hip hop goat
Must don’t kno wat time it is guess his wrist watch broke
Get back dis dat put it in a zip lock dope
Grip u should make a dance just for tic toc nope

Haters tried to hang em wit a slip knot rope
Too much slack cousin
I came back bussin