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Are you seeking funds to take care of your tuition and other academic materials? If yes, hurry now and apply for the Indonesian Arts And Culture Scholarships.

Basically, the program aims at cultivating a culture of cooperation, emerging from direct contact and sharing of cultures amongst people involved in the program, leading to thriving diplomatic relations in the region and worldwide.

About 920 alumni from 77 countries between the period of 2003 to 2019 have benefitted from this initiative.

About 920 alumni from 77 countries between the period of 2003 to 2019 have benefitted from this initiative.

We will give a brief description of the Indonesian Arts And Culture Scholarship, the basic tips on how to apply, and also link you with the application form.

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About Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarships

The Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship (IACS) program started in 2003. Basically, this initiative is participated by member countries of the southwest Pacific Dialogue (SwPD).

Bearing in mind the significance and advantages obtained from the program, the scholarship was expanded over the years to include member countries of many countries from all regions in the world.

However, due to the limited space and vast amount of interest in the program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with Indonesian Embassies and Consulates overseas holds a series of selection processes.

Taken into considerations are, among others, the awardees’ background, gender, regional representation, and the interest to learn Indonesian culture.

It is a typical non-degree program and usually lasts for three months. During the program, awardees will be evenly divided into 6 (six) groups.

Each group will be placed by the organizing committee to different art centers located in 6 (six) provinces, namely: Bali; West Sumatra; East Kalimantan; East Java; South Sulawesi, and Yogyakarta.

In addition, awardees will live within or close to the arts center, allowing for the chance to experience the local heritage and interact with the local community.


Scholarship Duration
The non-degree arts and culture scholarship offer will last for three months starting from2 May to 15 August 2022.


How to Apply for Indonesian Arts And Culture Scholarship
The requirements for this scholarship are all documents that can serve as sufficient proof of financial need.

For Indonesian applicants: Send the application form to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of Public Diplomacy (Tower Building, 12th Floor, Jl. Taman Pejambon No. 6, Jakarta 10110).


Ensure the Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives your applications on or before 28 February 2022.
For foreign applicants: Send your application form to the Embassy/Consulate General of Indonesia in respective countries.
Your applications should be received by the Indonesian Embassies/Consulates on 14 February 2022 for the initial selection process.
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For further inquiries, please send an email to [email protected].


Application Deadline
The deadline for this scholarship application is February 14, 2022. Ensure you apply on time.