EST Gee – Who Hotter Than Gee lyrics

EST Gee Who Hotter Than Gee lyrics

(DJ Swift on the track)
Who hotter than Gee?
I got a question for the— who hotter than Gee?

I got a question for the streets, who hotter than Gee?
He tryna lock in with the team, so we popped him for free
Said he was sick and tired, I wiped his nose, rocked him to sleep
Broke n***** re-up, couldn’t cover my cost for the week
Chop in my lap, poppin’ my flats, calm my nerves while I creep
They know I’m like that in reality, not on IG
It was some light shit that you did, but the meaning was deep
I tell the shooters, now they blessed, ‘member murder was cheap
Even as a chef, you get respect after burning your beef
Then after that, you grab a pack and you turn it to three
Then after that, if you can rap, you might turn into me
Bae say I scare her when I’m geeked ’cause I talk in my sleep
N***** better wake up ‘fore they dream about murdering me
‘Cause I put killers on they feet, they put blood on the street
Put your cuz on a tee, I told him quit muggin’ at me
Hit your lung with this heat, snake fang dug in deep
Trapped in Miss Janice, me and Beach
Right before prices got cheap
Right before water got deep
We was supposed to be like T and Meech
Ain’t it crazy? Mama’s baby finally made a million
Low to the ground, caught him ’round the town with my hand on the trigger
Leave out the galleria, ladies chase me down for pictures
I’m a street n**** and she can’t wait to sink her teeth in me
You too secretive, that’s why I don’t be trusting these bitches
It’s a fake one mixed in with the real ones amongst me, I sense it
If you listen, I’ma kill you first time I hear you hissin’
I thought long as we was winning, it didn’t matter, Jordan and Pippen
But I stay humble hittin’, you wasn’t feeling me like I was missin’
I sat in that kitchen, Jacob and Clay, learning my mixture
Romel had made me smile, he told me he showed Miss Trudy my pictures
Know it hurt him to his heart when he heard I turned into Hitler
Well, not really, he told me he feel me, stand on that business
Free Jimmy, showed me how to sip syrup and stack attention
He also told me when I be rollin’, ride with a sixty
And another one taped to the back of it, take it out and flip it

That’s one-twenty and we shoot it out all day
Fuck a n**** (Free the shotta)
Know what I’m sayin’?
Who hotter than Gee?
I’m in the house, I got six hundred on my neck

I got a question for the streets, who hotter than Gee?
Yeah, yeah, yeah