Coco Jones – Caliber Lyrics

Coco Jones Caliber Lyrics

Pulled up to party
On my play girl shit
see you on my body
Now we off that LI QR
I know you want more than just my conversation
Wanna get In something else besides my head

Low key I can see your potential
I just wanna see how you handle
Just might bend the rules if you with it
High key You can get it So

Get on my Caliber
Come get on my caliber
You built like a CEO
Then you gotta work me up
Can u get me leveled up
Put you on my calendar
Come fit in my schedule
If you ain’t come correct Won’t come at all

Make you say my name
No more running game
Gotta act right giving elevated
Upgrade you and educate ya
Make you glad you change
Make you glad you came

Brown skin in that lavender
Champagne and that caviar
Lights of come and try me
Come and find me
Like a scavenger
Sorry if I make it hard