Methods to Check JAMB Regularization Status

4 Methods to Check JAMB Regularization Status

Check JAMB Regularization Status

After applying for the JAMB regularization, you start to be wondering how long it will take it to be approved. And when approved, how will you know?

Let’s say you have filled and submitted your JAMB regularization form online, printed the indemnity form, and took that to your school for stamping, signing, and forwarding to the JAMB office, how will you know if JAMB has got the document and approved the application?

This post will answer your question – giving your four-sure means to know if your regularization has been approved by JAMB.

1. Check Your Used Email For the Regularization Approval Notice

The most usually used means to know if your regularization has been approved is through a notification message that comes from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

The board will usually send a message to the email used during your JAMB regularization application. This email is definitely the email you will be using to log in to the JAMB profile should want to do anything within such as printing of the JAMB letter or original JAMB result etc.

With this method, you don’t necessarily need to log in to the JAMB portal. You will be checking and on the lookout for the notification from JAMB. Mind you, you should be checking both your email inbox and spam as sometimes, messages may drop into spam instead of the regular inbox.

If you’re receiving several messages with your email and you think you might have missed the real notification from JAMB, take the following steps to check for it.

Login to your email
Locate the search box right at the top of all messages and click inside
Type in JAMB in the search box and hit search or enter on your keyboard
with this, all messages continuing JAMB will be listed in their order.
Then, you can easily search through and see if JAMB has recently contacted with the approval notice.

2. Check Regularization Status Through My Indemnity Form” Link

With this method, you hit the nail on the head. You won’t waste time confirming your status right away if you can log in to your JAMB profile.

Remember you printed a document after your regularization and submitted that to your school? That’s called the indemnity form. Although it’s the JAMB office or CBT centre that printed it for you back then, you can still reprint it yourself if you know how to handle that.

This time, you will navigate to the indemnity forms link of your profile and check the approval status right there.

To check regularization approval status through your Indemnity Form link, follow the steps below.

Log in with your email and password (used and taken during the regularization application)
Kind switch your mobile browser to the desktop site or use a computer to access the profile, at this stage or before logging in.
At the left side of your page (dashboard), navigate down to where you see My Indemnity Forms
Click on this to navigate to the Indemnity form page.
Here you will see two links. One, Print Indemnity Form. Second, Check Application Status.
Click on the Check APpplciation Status
If Approved or otherwise, you will see notices making the relevant references.

A candidate approved for the regularization

For example, the candidate below is approved.

3. Check Regulaizarion Approval Through Admission Status

Especially for candidates who used their regularization to correct courses, institutions, or those that have been admitted through JAMB in the first place, you can use checking the JAMB admission status to confirm if the regularisation has been approved.

To check your JAMB admission status vis-à-vis the regularization approval, follow the steps below.

Visit your JAMB profile or click
Enter your JAMB email and the password to the JAMB profile to log in
On the next page (the dashboard), click on Check Admission Status
On the next page, choose the correct year of your admission and enter your JAMB registration number if you have any submitted during the regularization application.
If the regularization is approved, you show to see your admission status as below and see if what you corrected has been reflected on the notice.

4. Check Regularization Status Through Admission Status Using Mobile App

JAMB has designed an Andriod and IOS app for candidates to check their admission status and perform related CAPS activities

Similar to method 3 above, you can check your JAMB admission status to see if it has reflected the corrections you made through the regularization using your mobile application.

To do this,

launch the android play store or Apple store to download JAMB CAPS Mobile.
Check your admission status as already guided in method 3 above.
If the regularization is approved, the corrections should reflect on the notification shown after checking your JAMB admission status.