BlocBoy JB – No Chorus, Pt. 13 Lyrics

BlocBoy JB No Chorus Lyrics

(Tay Keith, f**k these n***** up)
Ha, ha, ha
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hold on
Chopper give your mans a big scar like Frozone (Frozone)
I keep the heat, but I might put a coat on (Coat on)
These n***** cowards, actors, Terrence Howard (Woah, woah), whoop that trick, get my hustle and flow on
I’m on the block with like two or three chops, if you ridin’ with them, you get rolled on (Word)
You pulled a crime with another 6ix9ine, if you ridin’ with him, you get told on (That’s on my mama)
Bands stay with me, I’m a flintstone
Safety, I got that sack in the end zone
God blessed a G, all the shit I done did wrong
From robbin’ and dumpin’ at opps, make ’em get gone
Never gave a T-I-P just to go on
If you see me in the streets, n****, you don’t know me
Caught him at the gas station in the old capris
Let some air up out his tires, thought that he had a slow leak (That’s on bro)
Bitch, I’m really from the streets, I ain’t talking concrete (Uh)
I’m a Raptor with this 23, Fred VanVleet
Bullets hit him in his head, now his heart won’t beat
If I beef ’bout a bitch, I’ll be hard on me (On me, on me)
Walk down gang like my car on E (On E, on E)
Still gon’ run when the police say, “Freeze”
N**** talkin’ all this gangster shit, shots hit his face, put him on the block, n****, say cheese
I done walked ‘cross the stage, but in the hood, I feel intelligent
I’ll never diss a n**** for relevance
You want some smoke with the block, ain’t no settlin’
I smoke a blunt just to get in my element (Tay Keith, f**k these n***** up)
My four pockets full, Lil Baby
Reach for my chain, I might pull a DaBaby
C’s in the air, yellin’ out, “Who the greatest?” (Crip, Crip, Crip)
I’ma be bangin’ this shit ’til I’m eighty
Bitch, I’m the one like The Matrix (Matrix)
No, I’m not Gotti, but back to the basics (Gotti)
I threw a bullet at him, but his mans caught it (Got him), intersection, I guess he a safety (Let’s go)
I’ma put diamonds on all of my bracelets (Bracelet)
Fly with my chopper, now that’s a Drac-ation
Been in shootouts up on separate occasions (Occasions)
Been in shootouts up on separate occasions
Benjamin Franklin in my pocket, he a racist
Shake a n**** down, get naked (Get naked)
He ain’t get a pass in the hood, he ain’t good, we gon’ slime a n**** out, don’t say shit (Don’t say shit, shh)
I done stayed down for a long time, can’t forget the times I was livin’ in the basement (Facts)
I just caught an opp at the stop sign, I ain’t leave nothing but the 23 casings (Brrt)
YNC livin’, it’s rest in peace DooDooDoo, ain’t with that woopty-woo, ask Woo and Nell (Facts)
I’m with the shit, yeah, they call me lil’ Poopty-Scoop, might shoot a man while he checkin’ his mail (Mail)
Rollin’ three-five ’til they come out that cell (Cell)
Didn’t graduate, I was likely to fail (Fail)
My neighborhood Crips say they do it for Nem, no, they never played sports, but they say NFL
Yeah, huh
These n***** talkin’ that shit, but don’t be ’bout it
I was fifteen with a strap, I done peep out it
Ma raised a Crip, but my daddy a G ’bout it (Crip)
Thugged in the bay, hit a lick when Lil T got it (Crip)
100 and 3rd, what’s the word? We could see ’bout it (Crip)
308 bullets, it rip through like three houses (Crip, Crip, Crip, Crip, Crip, Crip)
Yeah, f**k  you talkin’ ’bout?
Left that body on the couch (Woah)
Two shots, he breathin’ in and out
We got it low for just a quarter (Quarter)
We f**k  ’round cleanin’ out the daughter
Every day, I go across the border (Facts)
Everything I do is for the culture (Culture)
And you can’t find one of these guns ’cause I like everything custom

Can’t find one of these motherf**kers, on my mama
Motherf**ker foldin’, motherf**ker got anaconda skin on it