Blind Channel – Thank You For The Pain Lyrics

Blind Channel Thank You For The Pain Lyrics

Succesful people say it’s lonely on the top
Boohoo, I was lonely at the bottom too
Thank you for the pain
You made me raise my game
Welcome to the showbiz
Hope you like ibuprofen
Took me eight years to become an ”overnight success”
Save your fake tears ’cause I did it only for revenge

I’m not a nice guy
Don’t make me lose my patience
I’d rather die than live up to your expectations
When all the success, rumors, trophies
Are just reasons to break you
Nobody watches you more closely
Than the people who hate you
Go give them a show
I’m drowning in champagne
If you take the ”cham” away
Wohoo! Google how to handle fame

I lost my freedom of speech
To pop music industry
There’s plenty fish in the sea
Most of them bigger than me
Got the same fear
Now there’s only longer way to fall
When the smoke clears
Is there anybody left to call?
I’m not a wise guy
Don’t seek me out for wisdom
Yeah all this fame is fun but have you ever fucked the system?