Blade Brown, K-Trap – 6 Figures Lyrics

Blade Brown 6 Figures Lyrics, K-Trap 6 Figures Lyrics

You done messed up A-A-Ron
Cage got that cold

Fake Watch Busta can’t bust me (Never)
These rappers too dusty, they keepin’ up a fuckrey (Ha-Ha)
Marbella settings with rusty, trust me (Trust me)
These bitches used to cuss me, now, they wanna cuff me (Yeah)
These rappers look hungry, starvin’, famish
Got two stores in Spain, and I don’t even know Spanish (Nah)
Bitches love a real n****, wouldn’t say I was a gyalis
But you bring your bitch around me and guarantee she gon’ vanish (Swear)
Yeah, I let them have it
Talking the hardest, 200K kettle when I walk in the barbers
Wanna know the trap life? Talk to the father
This ain’t street corners, it’s ports and the harbours (Swear)
Meetings in the pub (Pub), eatin’ with the plug (Plug)
Started in the kitchen whippin’, heatin’ up the grub (Swear)
Now, shit’s changed, 6 figures lookin’ strange
Yeah, I love the game, shit’s runnin through my veins (Ok-ok)

Six figure tabs (Bills), 6-7 slabs (Flat)
Straight outta the press bit of dust, I ain’t mad (No)
Fill the kettle up with carrots, that ain’t VS, he’s embarrassed (Huh)
And we ain’t shottin’ draws, see the green bag, it’s Harrods (Yeah)
90% cappers, and no, I don’t like rappers (No)
Put on trackers, only goin’ to lead you to the bine (Bow-Bow)
Little league only goin’ to leave you with a 9 (Huh)
4 pipes anytime we leavin’ you behind (Nyoew)
Boss, so I don’t mind teachin’
This, I’ll get this 9 beatin’ (Bap)
Rapper and a trapper, I got five bricks, five meetings
Pattern trips regular, I’m still about that time keepin’ (Uh)
My n**** do dirty then he’s back in the mansion with the high ceiling (Ceiling)
Six in it, all we needin’ is a slight reason
Give it, thing on me, so I ain’t feelin’ timid (No)
Whoosh holdin’ loads to fill it, it’s double digits (Digits)

You done messed up A-A-Ron
Cage got that cold