Bfb Da Packman – Cant Blame Ye Lyrics

Bfb Da Packman Cant Blame Ye Lyrics

Fat boy back I know you bitches can’t believe it thought Pac-Man fell off ‘ cause my page got deleted I grew up drinking dirty water I’m undefeated bout to the f**k this year up I know you bitches hate to see it my Asian plug growing za I’m in love with may may ain’t ready to die about this shit then why you hollering gang gang I be in my feelings too shit I can’t even blame ye my bitch left me on God I’ma act the same way YEA Lunch crew exotic pushing P’s of dirty donuts cheating is for kids my bitch wish a n**** grow up, Call a opp n**** hoe up Made her suck me til she throw Up this shit 300 a line bitch quit asking me to po up Lil Baby got that water oh yeah that cooch cooch I get crunk up in that thang thing bitch I feel like Duke deuce Gucci boots up in the winter and hold a TWO TWO she said her ex N**** A dog me TOO roof roof every bitch I EVER HAD I SAUCE EM UP my little fajita was a LION HEARTED N**** MY BITCH TURNED ME TO A CHEETAH BITCH ASK ME FOR SOME HEAD I TOLD HER UH UH LIKE IM BIA my career almost over TELL Drake I NEED THAT feature

N**** sit down make a plan to hit a lick to get some cheese get caught then get to snitching bitch you post to Kept it G why you you calling home complaining because you’re BM slept with me I feel like GUNNA WHEN my bitch squirt let me drink IT THAT AINT P
I got a bunch of side bitches and I love all of them they ignored me when I was broke so I dog all of them clip hanging out the bottom SHAQUILLE O’Neill IN SMALL covers Rocky got Rihanna pregnant that’s a win for all of us YEA