Taliban: Afghan girls no longer allowed to write university entrance exam

Afghan women

Girls are no longer allowed to sit for entrance exams for private universities in Afghanistan, following a prohibition imposed by the Taliban-controlled Ministry of Higher Education.

This policy puts women’s education at a significant disadvantage to that of men.

The education ministry’s spokesperson, Ziaullah Hashmi, confirmed the ban to VOA on Saturday. He explained the ministry had written to all the private tertiary institutions in the nation and ordered them not to enroll female students.

Ever since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021, women’s rights have been violated. Women have been denied access to gyms, parks, and public bathhouses and had to cover their heads.

Last month, the Taliban prohibited women from working in foreign organisations and prevented them from attending universities “until further notice.”

The restrictions have attracted condemnation from foreign governments and bodies such as the United Nations.