42 Dugg – Everybody Shooters Too Lyrics

Everybody Shooters Too Lyrics (EST Gee)

Everybody shooters too
We can’t be intuitive if I ain’t shoot at you
I’m who all the gangster young third n***** look up to
I’m who all the opps and robbers plan on tryna doing it to
I’m who all the project and the model hoes wanna do it to
She put it on her head and twist her hands like the screw is loose
You talk like you bulletproof
We all really know the truth
They know we the reason for them candle-light vigils
N***** can’t be serious, they funny
He think he the big dog on his block ’cause he got money
Last one got outta line, went against the guys, got punished
Meanwhile I’m thuggin’
Pullin’ pounds outta luggage
Sold it in Kentucky but our pressure did a number
7-4, 124, QP 1900
You found out you can hustle, you a killer all or something
Sometimes I wish I coulda left with red, god made me suffer
But pressure made me tougher
When it smoke I don’t be ducking
You see me out in public with it out, I never tuck it
They say it’s all or nothing
So I’m going for it f**k it

Million dollar budget
That’s an all fast n****
Still rentin’ in the city
I bought all mines
I ain’t been the same since my dawg died
Run off you get hog-tied
He ratted out on Philly
On my mama I should kill him
Young free bitch
Still would stuff it all for me
I was just in the county
Could you make a call for me?
No we don’t f**k with percs
Young n**** want a puppy
My bad
If I can sense it to my younger, mom, and dad
I ain’t use to people passin, I’m used to homicides
I ain’t wanna buy that ass and I got the years
Probably the only young rich n**** without veneers
Before I forget to mention bitch I got an imagery
Instagram killin’ me
That savage shit still in me
I pass
No doggy this for type n****, I rap
This for all who said I can’t, look at me now
Real n***** hold up wait til we drop city
In they feelings, main man from the country
Remember I ain’t have a dollar, I just had a buggy
Now I’m getting money
I feel lavish shit
Pay for it all cash I’ll crash this bitch